Wow, though shorter, this certainly had all the adventure and quality of
Tuscarora - I'm glad to have survived! To say it took my breath away
would be an understatement - literally! What a great course - its almost
a shame to start it at night as you miss some of the beauty, on the
other hand you gain so much in terms of uniqueness - that is the
Hellgate! I think I'm still a bit dazed.

  The whole event was a grand adventure - the pre and post run venue,
the weather, the darkness, the Horton miles and last but not least the
volunteers! They were outstanding! Out standing in the cold and dark to
care for a bunch of clowns lacking in the common sense to avoid another
Horton idea (or as my Swiss father in law would say - brain fart)!

  Truly a special event - one I'm thankful to have finished so that I
never have to go back! For everything David, and to all the Volunteers
as well - Thank-you for sharing the insanity, the vision and the warmth
of inspiration and community that is Horton miles beyond the expected!

Jeff Wilbur
"Life is too important to be taken seriously" Oscar Wilde