Hello, I finished way back..slipped and "saved" a fall but ankle went under me....12 hours after that I finished in 17:14, not what I wanted. That was about me. The race???? I wanted to drop from 2 mile on, every minute, even with "just" 8 or so miles to go. That last aid station was not coming.....

Freezing. My shoes were solid ice, they kept on hitting my ankle and cutting into my achilles on downhills. Start had a 15 degree weather which just got colder. Plenty of creek crossings.

The good: Oh my, the most beautiful place. At night, the stars were so many and so fat and so bright. The moon beautiful. Up and up mountains, water running down ravines and small waterfalls everywhere, ice all over the place.....FREEZING!!!!!!!!!!

Total elevation gain is about 13,000. CRAZY. By any standards.
How did I miss the elevation gain factor? Anyhow, I am good at downhill and with my ankle every step going down was torture...would have been nice to get back some of that time from uphills. Did I mention crazy? I think I am coming around to the idea of wanting to do it again. Usually by the time I am done with the race I know. This is 24 hours later....

The front of the pack is amazing...very impressive. And so is the back of it.

Zsuzsanna Carlson