A letter to David and Nancy:

Hello to both of you.  Wow, what a week it was.  A month or so ago, I had no thoughts or intentions of
coming to PL this year.  I've run a double Boston Marathon (BOS X2) each year since 2005, and have been happy with that for the month of April (with the exception of having run a 7:10 @ PL on 2008).  Well, I guess that memories of the pain faded.  Out of the blue it seemed OK to follow this year's BOS X2 with PL 2010.  Heck, at age 53, it dawned on me that it is realistically less likely that any future year will find me in any better physical
conditilon,  So why not embrace what I've got and head to the Promise Land.  And that turned out to be a
wonderful decision.  I immensely enjoyed the event.  And my 7:04 proved that older is better!  

Ultimately, I have some regrets:  I regret that I didn't take a puff or two of albuterol before climbing the first 4-miles; I regret that Martha Wright eventually passed me and I was content to see her fade into the woods ahead of me; I regret that I didn't jump the guardrails and take a plunge into the waterfall; I regret that Snipes passed me with about 3-milesto go and I could not muster a rally.  But my day also had some high points-  It was great to be surrounded by ultra-athletes for a day; I'm glad that I car-camped in my Subaru rather than under the stars (and rain!) as planned; I got to see Stephanie Wilsonís tonsils when she laughs hard; I got to deliver to David a photo of me and three Liberty University students (class of 2014) taken at the top of Heartbreak Hill 4-days earlier; I ran the final mile in 06:54!!!  

Thanks for a great day in the woods, wonderful volunteer support and aid stations, and really good post-race
food...  :)
Be well,  Mark Guzzi