Thank you for putting on such a memorable run.  The course, the people, and the weather were just about perfect ... the course could have been a little flatter, the people a bit more welcoming, and the weather a little cooler, but otherwise perfect.  

There were a couple points in this run that will stay with me for some time.

The first was watching the headlights on the way up to Petites Gap.  I realize it sounds corny, but at first I did think the leaders' headlamps were the lights of passing planes.  Then I realized it was between 1 and 2 in the morning and we weren't running through a war zone so the lights had to have been other runnings making their way up, up, and up.  A very cool sight.

 he second was the intermittent back and forth with Aaron Schwartzbard over the last 30 +/- miles of the course.  The slight misery I was feeling each time we crossed paths seemed mutual, yet as we approached one point on the run, Aaron said to another runner and me "here we get to do a bunch more of the ziggy zaggies ... wweeeeeee" ... I'm laughing still as I type this.  To that point we had come 30 +/- miles in 6 or 7 hours and I know I was feeling some of the earlier ziggy zaggies in my ankles and feet.  But I tell you, this one silly comment stuck such a chord in me that it repeated in me for the next 8 + hours and undoutbtedly will stick for some time more.    

 A great course, many great people, and a great way to spend a December weekend.

 I truly appreciate what you and the entire crew put into this event to make it such a great one, thank you!

 David Boudreau