Thank you again for a great race. I have done a lot of races in my time this was one of the best. Great awards great aid and great people. You have a good thing going I wouldn't make the race any bigger ether. Thanks again. By the way, I broke my foot around mile 46ish.  You were not joking about all the rocks you can't see. I loved it! That's what makes the sport great; you always find yourself pushing harder.

David Goggins (aka Marathon Man)

POSTSCRIPT - David Goggins wrote to Horton on 12/13/10 clarifying his situation:  "I broke my big toe and the bone my big toe is attached to on my right foot. I'm in a soft cast. You are right that last down hill was very painful! But I can't lie in sick way I'm glad it happen. It made the race more than a race. Can't wait until next year! "