Thank you for all you did for making this a terrible experience for me. You didn't think I was going to insult you by saying it was great and how enjoyable it was, did you? Now, the truth? It was hard. Harder than I expected so I am tempted to give Dean a bit more credit than I have in the past, but only tempted. ;-) Saturday was a real good learning experience for me and it will be interesting to see what I do with that learning. Will I come back and try to do better at Hellgate? maybe. Will I try a different 100K or even a 100 miler? maybe. Will I never do another ultra? Maybe. Will I go home and sleep and eat some more. Definitely.

 On the Liberty kids, truly, my many, many thanks go out to them. They were incredibly enthusiastic but especially very helpful. It was so nice to come in and have them offer not just help, but to specifically offer the help I needed like filling my water bottle, offering hot food, offering to put snacks in a bag to take with me. Some of them even thanked me for being out there. Are you kidding? :-) My one food suggestion? Grilled cheese sandwiches. The only other ultra I did had those adn they were so, so yum.

 And thanks for the lovely Patagonia shirt. I really do appreciate that you value giving nice finishing gifts. Sorry I took one of the ones you were counting on having for other finishers, but I couldn't give you the satisfaction of not finishing. :-)

 Good luck in your upcoming surgery and I hope you will be back and running with us soon!

 Jen Shultis