Amy to Caven:


 I hope you don't mind, but Dr. Horton gave me your contact information as I was desperately trying to figure out how to contact you. Thank you so very much for the selfless act of kindness you showed me on Saturday morning. Had it not been for you I would have been stuck for a lot longer and probably would not have been able to run. I appreciate you sacrificing your time to help me, and I am so sorry you had to start the race late as well. While most people were trying to figure out how to get around us, you patiently stayed to help me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Take care and I hope to see you again soon. (although it was dark so I may not recognize you...if you remember me please introduce yourself again!)

 Amy Albu


Caven to Amy

Hi Amy –

I really appreciate you making the effort to track me down & send me a thank you note.  That was very kind!  It was my pleasure to help you out.

It’s a pretty interesting story how I was able to pull you out of the snow.  I normally carry a tow strap in my truck but had taken it out Friday night in order to move some furniture for a friend.  So I leave my house Saturday morning headed to the race (I live in Lynchburg) at 4:30 and get 10 minutes away and there is a young girl (maybe 18 or 19) stuck in the snow in a little Toyota.  We tried pushing her car out but it was not budging.  So I said – hey I have a tow strap in my truck and I went to get it but of course it wasn’t there.  So I drove home and got it, then came back and pulled her out.  By this time it was about 5:15 and I knew it would be close making it to the start line on time.  But I had a tow strap in my truck now….then I came across you and the other fellow who was stuck on the road leading to the start line.  So that’s how I was able to pull you out of the snow.  I ended up starting the race at 6:43 but honestly I think I enjoyed it more running from the back.  I passed about 160-170 people and talked to a good number of them – it was a great way to run the race.

 Another interesting story – the girl whose car I pulled out of the snow at 5AM in Lynchburg – she’s also a Liberty University student and said that her dad was running Holiday Lake but I did not get either of their names.  What a small world.

 God bless you and I hope you have a terrific year!

 Cavan C. Carlton