Hello to everyone, my name is DEAN DEZIEL (YES, THE GUY who came in last place in a time of 9:24 and some) should've been a lot sooner but everyone was so nice I had to talk...ANYWAY, when I run marathons people usually ask what time I want to finish in, and I would reply that I just wanted to finish and I don't care about the time. Well! finally after embarrassing myself at HOLIDAY LAKE my first ultra, I realized (more than I've ever realized anything else)  I DO CARE...IT TOOK THIS RACE TO FINALLY BRING IT OUT....

Maybe I've been saying I don't care for all those years because I knew even without proper training or mileage I could pull off a decent time only 2 hours behind the Kenyans not 5 1/2 behind anyone else. Now I know better, all of you at the race re-ignited my dwindling flame or at least brought it back to the forefront anyway. Thanks!

Here's going back a few years....like my whole life, no I won't talk about my military career and Bosnia, I won't talk about my deceased brothers, about my fasting, veganism, travels to europe, asia, and across the U.S. 10X, my artwork, musical ability,or my poetry,my humbleness, or reading from the greats like Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky, Whitman, Thoreau, Frost, Horton, or Trittipoe--oops how'd they get in there I'm not pretentious--am I?

Unlike--alot of the runners I've read about who said they were bad at other sports besides running, I wasn't, I actually excelled at them except  you know what...yes, running! I wasn't a bad runner, however I never really thought about training, I was always naturally fast, having fast twitch muscle fibers, but I never thought of running as a sport, just something athletes did to get in shape for their other sports, until I started watching marathons---Anyway to be honest I practiced for baseball, hockey, football, track, and sometimes basketball (didn't like it, always too many fouls for me) and anything else around. SORRY for the longevity, of course all the practice in other sports showed, I was always better at the ones I practiced the most and trained for more.

However, running was something different to me, It made me feel free, alive, and most of all connected to myself, the holy ghost within, and to GOD and  nature externally...these otherwise being crowded out by the noise and confusion of this physical and material world, so competitive running was like blasphemy I suppose. My senior year of high school my friend asked me to run track with him as a weightman, he said I would like it and that I would go see him compete in the state meets(which I went to and competed in myself besides winning the northern league championships for javelin,) I told you I was a natural,  he was so pissed I beat him every meet, that's another story, actually he still thinks about it. Anyway I said o.k.! Like I said, we were weight men, however we used to train with the runners( 2 of us anyway )and of course we weren't really good at it. The real runners would throw me in with the sharks when they needed an extra body or we'd have to forfeit the meet, telling me how fast I was and to get in there, what a bunch of liars!  o.k. I'm naturally fast twitched muscle wise great! but I don't train to sprint 100m,200m,400m,800m never mind beyond that, now I can run up to 13 miles pretty fast, but not back then. 

Soooo, the runners would tell me to run as fast as I could all the way and I did and I would lead for awhile believe it or not, and then of course the inevitable, the rest of the pack would blow by me in their second gear....My teammates would then ask me what happened? (as I was dry heaving,) just like my wife asked me what happened in my last marathon, and just like I asked myself at the HOLIDAY LAKE 50K++.... after finishing so poorly.....and finally after all these years  the answer came....I didn't perform  because I didn't train for speed, the right way anyway. Yes I run,yes I crosstrain, yes I do the mileage,...but I never train for speed I never really needed to, plus like I said It seemed like blasphemy to compete like that. Now I know better, I have natural talent...yes, but without training all around, especially for speed, natural talent or athleticism can't always pull you through and can't replace good old fashioned hard work and training especially at 42 yrs old....Thanks to you if you read this long a## letter.

Overall it was a great day and a great learning experience. Thanks to all of you who participated in any way, you were and (are) greatly appreciated for all of your hard work and support. I look forward to joining all of you again sometime soon. Hopefully with better results I'll see some of you at the finish line, clock still ticking, not half disassembled....lessons learned..1)hate to be last, or bad at anything.2)hate looking like a fool.3)don't overdress again.4)hydrate with more salt.5)sleep both days before race.6)don't stay up talking to people who aren't running the next day.7)still love camping out, always invigorating.8)appreciate the fact that I have arms and legs to run with.9)appreciate that I'm alive and blessed with health, great wife, great kids, and 2great dogs and cats.10)most of all without GOD NONE OF THIS WOULD BE POSSIBLE. some more thank you's.......THANK YOU to LEWIS for inspiring me by carrying the cross on race day , and stopping me along the way to pray, I probably didn't make the nine hours  because of this but it was well worth it. THANKS Jamie for the Lara bars, Thanks to Caroline and other man in the 4h center for caring about me. Thanks to Suzanne for the conversation. Thanks to Clark for letting me go on and sweeping up after me. AND last but not least Rebekah and crew at last aid station for helping me realize how pathetic (her words) we can be running some times...take care, be joining you soon.