Holiday Lake 2011

George Lunsford

First time Ultra Runner here! I want to give JJ Vogltanz and Don Smith, my training partners a Shout out. Thanks guys for getting me in shape to finish good. I must say that from the dinner to the finish line, it was an experience.

 I just started running for any serious distance since February 2010. I thought I was doing something by running 10 miles as my long run. I ran a 30k in September and thought, “why am I doing this?” Coming across the finish line, I realized why. Just the experience…I wouldn’t take anything for that experience.  

I decided in early December to run Holiday Lake. I told JJ and he said that he would run with me. JJ and Don kept saying, just wait till you meet Dr. Horton. Not being in the running community, I didn’t know who they were talking about. I would get bits and pieces. I have to say I was expecting someone taller (sorry Dr. Horton). Man, what a guy who is full of energy!

 The Race

I didn’t sleep well at all Friday night. All I could think of, if I don’t get some rest I’m not going to make it. At the start, full of energy and ready to run. The first 14 miles went well and then I could start to feel it in my legs. After making the last cut-off with plenty of time to spare was the first realization that I was going to finish this thing. The course was great, good day to run and the aid stations…Wow! Very nice and the people were very encouraging. THANKS FOLKS!!!!! By mile 27, it was all physical. To push the body to limits that I had not known before, it was incredible. Running down the road toward the finish line never felt so good (and exhausting) and crossing the finish line at 6:11:58. I bet my goal by almost 19 minutes.  

To my crew: David Adams, Dan Harper and Everette Mounts: Thanks for helping myself and JJ out during the race.

Thanks Dr. Horton for a great first experience