My first Holiday Lake 50K was a great experience.  Having run the first two Seashore Nature Trail 50Ks in Virginia Beach in 2009 and 2010, I was looking for an extra challenge.  Holiday Lake 50K is the perfect transitional step-up into the much tougher courses in the LUS yet to come.

Having been a road racer and marathoner for so many years I needed something new in my life as a runner.  The trails are providing that.  Life is short, so why not go for it?  I'm hungry for trail runs now.  The small tight knit ultra community is something I hope to become part of (permanently).

I appreciate the race director Dr. Horton, his staff, the volunteers, the spectators and the youthful energy that filled the dining hall the night before the race.  The food was great, the Aid Stations were great-- this event was well organized and it ran smoothly.

Congrats to all the first timers.  Thumbs up to all the veteran runners.  It was great meeting new runners and hearing the stories, philosophies and perspectives of what we love doing---RUNNING.

Frank Rodriguez
Virginia Beach