Holiday Lake 50K ++

My friend Kevin McGuiness and I drove out on FRI afternoon with our obligatory stop at the Waffle House for some pecan waffles.  We arrived FRI evening and were greeted by an enthusiastic Dr. Horton, who impressed me by knowing the spelling of my unique last name.  During the dinner and briefing I saw Jeff Anderson from NC who I ran some of OD with last summer.  We then retired to the bunk house which was awesome!  It was great to stay literally yards from the race start.

With a recent 3:20 marathon over a hilly course, and previous 4:44 at HAT I thought a sub 5hr was possible, however my limited training proved too much to overcome.  The 1st loop (2:19) I ran well staying controlled, however on retrospect I did not take enough calories or fluids in.  After a: 5 pit stop at the bunkhouse I began the 2nd loop. I relearned what I thought I already knew,”You can’t fake it in an ultra”.  My training did not place the funds into the bank to cover the pace and distance.  I am currently enrolled in a rigorous graduate program and my training has suffered.  I only logged 116 mi in DEC & 120 mi in JAN.  I learned that to run SD 100 or OD 100 in Jun I have to step my training and long runs big-time.  And I have been reviewing  weekends for races that do not conflict with family obligations or exams,  To those of you new to the sport this is a “selfish” support and your significant other must be aware of this and that it is not a “phase or a fade” and will pass.  This is our passion!

It was awesome to see so many first time ultra runners out there and so many that were younger. The course was well marked and had great aid stations.


John Spannuth