Dear Friends,
I wanted to thank everyone for their companionship and Fellowship before, during and after
the race, and to Dr. Horton for holding the race (and being such a motivator and mentor to
us all.)
It was really nice - and true of life, as well - that many of us would run part of the race together,
or to be encouraged before the event, or congratulated afterward; it was just like we live our
lives, in the Race as Paul described, running to the end, finishing well.    Everyone got to the
finish line in our group and no one in the race needed medical attention!    Praise G0D!
Praise the Risen Lord!
It was great to spend some time with Robert - (thank you, friend) - and to meet up with Leslie,
running all of Colon Hollow with her - time that passed so quickly.   And Maureen,
for a short while below the Falls,  as we were like a relay, passing the baton.   
Thank you all for your companionship,  long or short.  
Thank you Sheryl, for your encouragement before the race, and your company on
many training runs, and thank you Maureen and Robert and Renee on other trips -
and thanks to Heather, who was there with us in spirit if not in flesh.    And to Sue,
who encouraged us from a distance - thank you!
And it was such a Blessing to see Pat Draney on the course - with his obvious Gift of Encouragement and Exhortation, a lift for tired feet and the hard climb ahead!   It was such a Blessing to see Wendy (for me, she was a Gift from G0D,  cramping as I was at that point) at the top of the Falls Trail.   And to see Robyn, like a visiting Angel, appearing from nowhere, all over the place, a Blessing in her smiling presence. Bless you all for your Gifts.
I can't think of a better weekend to spend with my Brothers and Sisters in Christ.
Thanks for sharing it.   May we all be satisfied with what the Lord has done.
In Christ,
Jim McFarland