I'm sure I sound like a broken record but thank you and all your crew.  I couldn't believe the support. 


The comradery along the trail was incredible from young, old, rookie, vet, male, female... 


My first 50k was a year and a half ago in June. Humid. Hot. That took me 7 hrs with half the elevation. Since then I'd been working on my marathon times and speed. I got down to a bq for my age group but found out they made the times 5 mins more competitive. That's good and great and all but I was tired of being driven by pavement and speed (if you could call it that).


 I saw this race and dove back into the scene not really knowing what was to come.  the whole vibe you give off draws you even deeper into the clutches of ultra. I don't think it was easy by any means but I gained confidence in the distance and learned a ton from wiley vets who mesmerized me with tales of 100 milers.  I went out with a conservative pace, speed walked the hills, payed attention to what worked on my tummy as well as caloric intake and fluid monitoring.


What a fantastic learning experience. I'm in for a spring of ultra at the minimum.  I realized as you stated in the rookie round up on Friday night, we can do all things thru Christ who strengthens us.  He is the grand creator who made an incredible being. The human body in motion is awe inspiring to say the least. I saw many different body types across genders. I saw and experienced mental toughness and suffering that was overcome. I'm in love. Happy valentines day to you, ultra sport.


Thanks for the opportunity, David.

J. Bock