Dear Dr. Horton:  I wanted to write you a quick note regarding my experience at the Holiday Lake 50K.  What an awesome event!  This was my first 50K after running 17 marathons over the past 10 years.  I am good friends with Bill Potts who suggested I give the Holiday Lake 50K a try since running a 50K was on my bucket list.  I did some trail running in preparation for this event and really loved the trails and the change of venue from the typical road miles of marathon training.  I took your advise and did not run with my garmin since this was my first attempt at a 50K.  Last Saturday was my first running event ever (marathons, half marathons, 10 milers, 10 K's and 5 K's) that I didn't wear a watch and that made the day even better.  I really had no expectations other than to finish since this was my first ultra and not having a watch kept me from worrying about my pace.  I finished in six and one half hours and had a blast! 
I will be back next year and will have trained better for it as in hopes of something around 6:00.  I am a 3:50-3:55 marathoner so with some proper training (my longest run in preparation for this event was 18 miles) I anticipate a faster event now that I know what to expect.
Thanks again for putting on such a fine event.  The food was great as well as the fellowship with other ultra runners.
Thomas Wilson