Appalachian Trail Pictures

David with ????? the first woman to hike the AT "up and back" - (We apologize that we do not have a name here - If you can help with this name, e-mail us at

Lone Wolf - Helped crew Maineak in 1991 and also crewed David during the Trans-Am

Amazing what over 2,000 miles of hiking does to the waistline

Friends at Woodshole Hostel in Southern Virginia

David trying to get "A Mile High" on Mt. Katahdin

Climbing up Mt. Katahdin

David with Jean Cashin in front of Appalachian Trail Conference

Bronze plaque on the summit of Springer Mountain in Georgia

"Golf Ball" - Apple Orchard Mountain area in Virginia

Guillotine Rock - Apple Orchard Mountain area in Virginia

Maine roots

David and "Maineak" on Mt. Katahdin in the summer of 1997

Maineak and Bill Irwin (blind AT thru hiker) at the Gathering in 1991