Grattan Garbee

Amazingly I feel remarkable well, probably better than any other Ultra that I have done.   No Muscle cramps occured during or after the race - I have had fairly minimal soreness, and as of yesterday I was back to walking normally, even on stairs.

Was it because I ran a more conservative pace ?  although I do not think I could have finished any faster.    The cooler weather maybe since I sweated a lot less?    I probably took more Succeeds than I have in the past (maybe 10 or 12 during the race)
Have you had any experience with a product called jog-mate - It is a protein supplement from a toothpaste like tube - I used about 5 of these in the race and I credit that to easing the muscle problems.  Do you have any experience or thoughts on this ?
Anyway, something went right, and I want to repeat it, and hopefully I can start my next ultra @ under 170 lbs instead of the 180 I carried this time.
This race gives me the confidence that I could complete a 100 - maybe Old Dominion or Vermont in 04 ?