Attached is the profile I recorded during the run.  This was done with a
Polar s720 heart rate monitor, which is a combination of a heart rate
monitor and bicycle computer.  Obviously, when not on the bike, it just
records heart rate data and altitude.   Note, because I was not on a
bike, there is no way for this to measure distance and so this is
altitude versus TIME.  A level spot in the curve represents where I was
stationary - for instance I spent a good 10-15 minutes in aid station 3
as evidenced by the horizontal line.  I also "fertilized the woods" near
daylight, about 6.5 hours into the run.  You can see this on the profile
as well.

Unlike the Suunto's, there is no way to see the altitude gain until one
analyzes the data with a computer.  In one software it gave me 13,900
feet.  In another software I got 12,980.  I think the first number is a
little high and therefore it is safe to say that the elevation gain is
very close to 13,000 feet.  This, by the way, is longer than 100 km too.
My dad thought it was a good 3-4 miles long.  I would call it 66.6
miles.  Anyone see a theme?

midnight start on Dec. 13
13,000 feet of gain
66.6 miles

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