Hellgate 100K

Detailed Directions for Runners


1)      Start to AS 1:  3.5 miles.  The first 3 miles are on a relatively flat grassy road with very little elevation change.  From 3 to 3.5 miles there are several turns and some single track trails and one stream crossing.  You will probably get your feet wet.  After crossing the stream you turn left and stay on a single track trail to the AS.

2)      AS 1 to AS 2:  4.0 miles.  At AS 1, you turn left on FS 35 and stay on this gravel road to AS 2 (Petites Gap).  It is uphill on this gravel road all the way to AS 2.  (You gain 1200 feet most of it at the end of the section)

3)      AS 2 to AS 3 (Camping Gap):  5.6 miles.  You continue for about 100 yds past the AS to the Blue Ridge Parkway (BRPWY), turn right and go about 30 yds and turn left onto a single track trail.  Continue on this trail for about mile (pretty rocky).  This turns into a grassy road, going downhill for about one mile.  Turn right onto a trail for the next couple of miles, hitting a gravel road.  Continue on this road for over 2.5 miles (mostly uphill) to Camping Gap.

4)      AS 3 to AS 4 (Headforemost Mountain):  8.8 miles.  Continue on the gravel road for 1.5 miles to gate.  Go around the gate and continue on the grassy road for about 4.5 miles where it turns into a single track trail leading into a grassy field.  Angle left across the field to a road going uphill.  Follow the road uphill for about 1/3 of a mile and then turn right on a single track trail going downhill to the road and Overstreet Falls.  Turn right and go uphill on the gravel road to the AS at the top of the hill.

*Be prepared for this section!!  It is long and tough. 

5)      AS 4 to AS 5 (Jennings Creek):  Continue on the gravel road crossing the BRPWY in .5 mile.  Continue on the grassy road for about 1.5 miles to a bar gate.  Go around the gate and straight across a wide area (with roads to the left and right) into the woods on an old road.  Go for about 20 yds and turn left on a single track trail.  Follow this trail (the trail is marked fairly well with orange diamonds) for about 2 miles to a grassy road.  Turn left on this grassy road and do downhill for about 2 miles to the AS.

6)      AS 5 to AS 6 (Little Cove Mountain):  6.9 miles.  Turn right at the AS on the paved road.  Go for about 200 yds and turn left on a gravel road.  Continue on the gravel road until it dead ends at a bar gate.  Go around the bar gate and angle to your left into the woods on a recently made road.  The road ends and becomes a single track trail.  Follow the trail downhill to a gravel road.  Turn right on the gravel road and go about one mile, turning into the woods on your right on a single track trail.  Follow this trail (downhill) for about one mile coming out onto a grassy road.  Take a left on the grassy road and follow it downhill to a gravel road.  Turn left o the gravel road and go for about mile and turn right on Yellowstone Road and follow it for 1.9 miles (uphill) to the AS.

7)      AS 6 to AS 7 (Bearwallow Gap):  8.0 miles.  Follow the grassy road from AS 6 for the next 2 miles when it dead ends.  Follow the single track trail straight ahead at the dead end.  Follow this trail for the next 1.5 miles and be alert as there are a few turns.  After a rocky descent, you come out into a small clearing and a road to your left.  Turn left and go downhill on this road reaching a gate after about 1/3 mile.  After going around the gate, turn left up an old dirt road.  Stay on this road for about mile turning left on a single track trail.  The next couple of miles are very rocky.  After coming down the hill on switchbacks, cross a stream and turn right on a trail and follow it to a paved road (Highway 43).  Go straight across the paved road and follow the trail for about 1/3 of a mile to a big parking area and the AS.

*Be aware:  This is the second toughest section of the race.    

8)      AS 7 to AS 8 (Bobblets Gap):  7.0 miles.  After climbing about one mile on single track trail, the course then contours around the mountain (staying relatively flat, good views) for the next 5 miles.  After a sharp switchback to the right, the trail descends steeply for 1/4 mile to a dirt road.  You take a sharp left and ascend one mile on this road to Bobblets Gap.

9)      AS 8 to AS 9 (Day Creek):  6.6 miles.  The course follows this rough road for about 2 miles and then about one mile on a good gravel road.  At this point you take a right onto a single track trail.  From here to the AS the trail is constantly going up and down, and it is very rocky in places. 

*** This section will seem like it goes on forever.

10)  AS 9 to the finish:  6.3 miles.  You go up for the first 2.8 miles, cross the BRPWY at Blackhorse Gap and then you go down the other side on an old grassy road with the last mile on a gravel road and the last .3 in Camp Bethel, entering the front gate and finishing at the Heritage building.  All of this last section is either on gravel road, dirt road, or grassy road.