Long Trail Speed Record Attempt

Scroll down for reports on Ed and Pete's progress

Ed Kostak, 30 and Pete Palmer, 45 both of Connecticut are attempting to break the recently set speed record on the Long Trail in Vermont. They started August 27th and are being crewed by David Blair, aka Lone Wolf and Robert Long, aka Bump.

Report #1 - August 27th

Ed and Pete started at 5:25 AM and have a 59.6 mile day scheduled, which will have them stopping at Mad Tom Notch. The report we received was they had done 36.5 miles as of 3:19 PM. After the 58 mile day today their goal is a 62.7 mile day tomorrow, August 28th, stopping at Brandon Gap.  We will continue to update as often as possible.

Report #2 - August 30, 1998

Sorry for the delay in posting this. We received a call this morning from Lone Wolf. Both Pete and Ed have stopped in their attempt to set the speed record on the Long Trail.

Pete stopped on Saturday (Day 3) at mile 149.5. He had severe shin splints and could not continue. That same day Ed finished at mile 163, which is Appalachian Gap, VT 17. He planned to get up early and start Day 4 with 107 miles to go. When Day 4 arrived, Ed decided not to continue because of sore feet and general "getting beat up." 

As of this point, it appears that Courtney Campbell's record of 5 days, 14 hours and 55 minutes is secure until next summer.  To our knowledge there are no other attempts planned.

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