2007 Lynchburg Ultra Series (L.U.S.) Application

 The L.U.S. includes the following races:

Holiday Lake 50K

February 10, 2007

Time Limit: 7 hours

Promise Land 50K

April 28, 2007

Time Limit: 10 hours

MMTR 50 Miler

November 3, 2007

Time Limit: 12 hours

All runners who complete the races in the L.U.S. under the time limit for each race will receive a special award at the MMTR post-race banquet on November 4. The award will probably be some type of Patagonia product with the name of all three races embroidered on the garment.

The entry fee for the L.U.S. is $50.00 prior to February 10, 2007; $60.00 prior to April 28, & $75.00 thereafter. Runners must enter the L.U.S. by August 1, 2007.

Make checks payable to David Horton and send to:

Liberty University

Dr. David Horton

1971 University Blvd.

Lynchburg, VA 24502

Name:____________________            Age:_______            Gender:_______

Address:________________________ Phone: Home ______________

Work _______________                                    

City___________________________              State____ Zip _____________    

Email Address: ___________________________________________

Size of Shirt: S            M            L            XL         Size of Jacket:   S     M           L     XL

         We will try to have items at the Promise Land 50K for you to try on for sizing.

         Overall male and female and master's winners will receive additional prizes.