Mountain Masochist Pictures

Below is a list of pictures from MMTR races. We have attempted to identify everyone correctly. If we have a question mark about some pertinent information and you can supply an answer to who, what, where, or when let us know at


Don Lucy, Maineak, David, and Lone Wolf at the finish area in 1992

George Brown - Ran MMTR twice and won twice (To the best of our knowledge has never run another ultra?)

Art Moore and ???? on Peavine Mountain

Some "interesting" times from years past

Anne Huntzicker - Has finished the MMTR more than any other woman

The famous Buck Mountain "gourmet" aid station

Len Woody - 2nd 10-Time Finisher of MMTR

David and Tom Possert take a break during the one and only Double Masochist Fun Run

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