Trail Days 1999 Photos

Below you will find brief descriptions of each photo. Click on the description to view the photo.

Youngest thru-hiker in 1998



Beginning of Parade

Earl Shaffer (1st thru-hiker)

Warren Doyle, Larry Luxemborg, Bob Williams, Karen Barger

Earl Shaffer and Warren Doyle

"Chooch" and Bill O'Brian

Tent City along the River

Line-up for the "hiker feed"

AT near Grindstone Campground

View from Elk Garden Gap

Buzzard Rock on Whitetop Mtn

Old Orchard Shelter

Below are pictures from 1998 Trail Days

Beginning of Parade

Parade - Hiker Trash section

Hikers in Parade

Camping area near river

Camping area and river

Vendors in parking area

Warren Doyle and David in front of church where meetings were held

A.T. Hiker talent show

Ramp Festival at Whitetop Mountain

Ramp Festival

View of Mt. Rogers (highest mountain in Virginia) from Elk Garden

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