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New Article - Why You Should Run a Marathon (Applies to Ultramarathons as well)

Most of what is found here was written by David Horton or Rebekah Trittipoe.

Occasionally we will find something from an outside source that we feel would be of general interest to ultrarunners or hikers and we will post that as well.

Check back often as we try to rotate this page around every month.

ball.gif (1653 bytes) Still Puking After All These Years
Rather unique article written by Charlie Hesse concerning a malady that plagues some of his races.

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Running 100 Miles
Interesting article from the July 13, 1998 issue of US News and World Report
ball.gif (1653 bytes) Tips for Running Barkley
Written by David Horton
ball.gif (1653 bytes) Running Your First Ultra
David Horton wrote this to help the beginning ultrarunner train and run their first "ultra."
ball.gif (1653 bytes) Women Ultrarunners Survey
Information compiled by and Summary written by Rebekah Trittipoe


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