Before a P.S. – If for some reason you are not running the race, please let us know ASAP, even if it is the day before the race!!!!!

Before Before a P.S. – Don’t leave anything at the race.

Before Before Before a P.S. – Don’t bring dogs to the race, that means your crews as well, even though I now like dogs.

Before Before Before Before a P.S. – I like chocolate chip cookies, I like cheesecake, I like most of you.

Before Before Before Before Before a P.S. – We will be sending out another email this week discussing safety protocols and the wave start and seeding of runners.

Before Before Before Before Before Before a P.S. – My assistant, Isa (“Ee-suh”), short for Isabella, who is my favorite assistant, likes weird, healthy foods and snacks. She also loves really good restaurants. And Blaze pizza.

PL 50K Runners,

Race week is nearly here. In 11 days I will see most of you at the Promise Land Youth Camp (1945 Wheats Valley Road, Bedford VA 24523).

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read all of these points.

  1. Early packet pickup will be at Blackwater Bike Shop (18869 Forest Road, Lynchburg, VA 24502) on Thursday, April 22nd from 4pm until 7 pm. The CHECK-IN is in the parking lot behind the shop. You will also be able to pick up your packet at the Promise Land Youth Camp Friday night beginning at 5 pm at the camp. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pick up your packet on Thursday or Friday BEFORE Saturday morning, if possible. If you cannot check in during any of those times please be at the PL Youth Camp by 4:30 am.
  2. ALL RUNNERS MUST CHECK IN SATURDAY MORNING BEFORE 5 AM, even if you checked in Friday night!!!!!!!
  3. We will have 110 pizzas delivered to eat on Friday starting around 6 pm. This is free to all runners and $5 cash to everyone else.
  4. EVERYONE who is coming to eat with us on Friday night needs to bring a desert. All you college students, bring something like a package of double stuffed Oreo cookies 🙂 I will supply drinks, cups, plates, and ice.
  5. I like cheesecake, the unadulterated kind.
  6. I highly suggest that you camp out with us on Friday. Don’t be a sissy and stay in a hotel. We will have s’mores and a roaring campfire (courtesy of John Cooper).
  7. After 10 pm on Friday night, please try to be a little quieter so that people can sleep for a few minutes.
  8. If you are driving in on Saturday, we will save a place for you to park. As you turn into the camp make an immediate left and drive all the way to the end of the field and park.
  9. The race starts at 5:30 am. It will be dark at that time. You will need to think about carrying a flashlight. We will have a drop box at aid station 1 and 2 that you can leave your lights at. Please don’t pick up your lights at the end of the race or put your names on your lights. This way I can give these lights away to my running students and not feel guilty.
    There will be no markers from the start to aid station 1. Hence, there will be no markers from Overstreet Falls back to the finish line.
  10. We will have a Stupid Award and a Best Blood Award. You don’t want to win either of these, but someone will. Please keep me informed of anything stupid someone does, like Brenton Swyers did at Hellgate. He gave blood the week of the race. STUPID.
  11. If you have to drop out, please please please make sure you let the aid station captain know where you drop.
  12. Cut off times: There are two cut off times. You must arrive at aid station 3 (Sunset Fields) before 9:15 am (3:45 running time). The second cut off is at aid station 4 (Cornelius Creek), as you arrive there the second time. You must get there before 12:45 pm (7:15 running time). These will be adjusted for each wave.
  13. There will be NO drop bags.
  14. Aid Crews are permitted to access runners only at Sunset Fields (aid station 3).
  15. Please do not litter.
  16. Wear your numbers in the middle of your shirt, shorts, or on the left side, the timers will be on your left side as you finish.
  17. Make sure you are recorded at each aid station.
  18. Bring a lawn chair or something to sit on before and after the race.
  19. Runners, please do not congregate around the finish line. Especially if there are several runners finishing at the same time.
  20. Crews, please follow the instructions for travel to Sunset Fields. DO NOT DRIVE UP OVERSTREET ROAD, AS THIS IS THE RACE COURSE.
  21. Please do not litter on the course. If you see something on the ground please pick it up and take it to the next aid station, even if you did not drop it.
  22. At the very end of the event, before you leave, please pick up all of the trash around where you camp. Don’t leave the camp without your finishing prize.
  23. Crews, when you park at Sunset Fields, park down 812 or back up the road that the runners come into Sunset Fields on.
  24. We will have name tags on Friday night. Please wear them. I am getting old and I am having trouble remembering all of your names, I am not getting old, I am old.
  25. I like chocolate chip cookies.
  26. On Saturday after you finish the race, the Blue Ridge Trail Runners will be serving food at your expense. Their food is very good. The cost will probably be around $7 or $8.
  27. Sunset Fields is at milepost 78.4 on the Blue Ridge Parkway.
  28. The prerace meeting will begin around 7:30 pm on Friday night…I actually have no idea, I am just seeing who actually read all the points.
  29. We will probably send out another email next week with race numbers and a few points we have not covered.
  30. Below you will find the times for the first runners expected times at each aid station.

    Here are the projected times:

The race begins at exactly 5:30 am. Below are the projected times for the first runner at each aid station.

  • Aid station 1 – Overstreet Falls (1st time) – 5:55 am
  • Aid station 2 – Reed Creek – 6:45 am
  • Aid station 3 – Sunset Fields (1st time) – 7:15 am
  • Aid station 4 – Cornelius Creek (1st time) – 7:45 am
  • Aid station 5 – Colon Hollow – 8:10 am
  • Aid station 6 – Cornelius Creek (2nd time) – 8:50 am
  • Aid station 7 – Sunset Fields (2nd time) – 9:30 am
  • Aid station 8 – Overstreet Falls (2nd time) – 9:50 am
  • Finish – 10:05 am
  1. There are two places on the race course where you do an out and back. At aid station 2 (Reed Creek) you make an out to the aid station and come back the same direction for about 100 yards. The second out and back is at aid station 4 (Cornelius Creek) you go into the aid station and then come back out and turn right, going up Apple Orchard Falls Trail. There will be arrows at both places indicating the direction you should be running.
  2. The course will be marked with orange streamers, orange arrows, and flour.
  3. If you go more than 200-300 yards without seeing a streamer, STOP and go back to the last place you KNEW you were on course. Ask Matt Thompson about this???
  4. This is the 20th year of Promise Land, the course has not changed. If you see someone going the wrong direction, holler at them unless you really want to beat them.
  5. Below are the crew instructions, please print these off and bring them for your crew members. Don’t ask me for an extra set.

    Promise Land 50K Crew Access
    Crew access will only be allowed at Sunset Fields. Runners pass through this aid station twice (11.9 & 26.7 miles). Crews “ARE NOT” allowed to drive up or down Overstreet Road (this is the runners course) to access Sunset Fields.

From the Camp, turn left on Wheats Valley Road and drive for 6.0 miles to Jopling Road. Turn right and go for one half mile to H.43. Turn right on 43 and go up the mountain for 4.9 miles to the Blue Ridge Parkway. Turn right on the Parkway (north) & go 7.4 miles to Sunset Fields.

  1. I have decided you to allow you to have someone run with you from Sunset Fields in to the finish if you desire. This excludes the top ten men and top ten women.
  2. One of our race friends is Joy Segroves. She works and cooks at Mountain Fruit and Produce (3883 Peaks Road, Bedford VA, 24523). Her store is very cool and she is a HUGE supporter of the race. She has great soups and fried apple pies and tons of other things. Consider dropping by before, during, or after the race.
  3. Do you think that’s enough points? Have you read them all?
  4. Have I told you how much I like chocolate chip cookies and cheesecake?
  5. Have I also told you how much my favorite assistant likes Blaze Pizza? And other really good restaurants? And weird and healthy foods?

I look forward to seeing you Friday or Saturday.