Here we go again. If possible, please, please, please, please let me know if you are not running the race by this weekend. The RC will be seeding the runners and assigning appropriate waves this weekend. Next Tuesday or Wednesday you will be receiving an email with your wave and race number. We will be starting waves of 50 runners at a time. In the first wave it will be the 35 highest seeded males and the 15 highest seeded females. Every three minutes we will be starting another wave of 50 runners with 35 males and 15 females in each wave.

When you arrive at the PL Youth Camp please wear a mask as much as possible when you are close to other folks. I have had both shots, but I know a lot of runners have not had COVID shots. Please be considerate of other folks around you. Before the start of the race and after you finish, please wear your mask. When you go through aid stations please pull your mask up. The folks at the aid station will be wearing masks and gloves most of the time. You should too. The aid station workers will fill your bottles and or packs as well. We will try to have as much prepackaged food as possible. We will also be putting chips, pretzels, and other things in baggies so that you can carry them with you. The post-race meal, which will be cooked by the Blue Ridge Trail Runners, will have hamburgers for $7 and veggie burgers for $8 and the cost for BRTR members is $5. There may also be hotdogs as well. This is cash only, or check, no credit cards. Please don’t forget if you are eating the pizza with us on Friday night that you should also bring a bag of cookies or chips or some kind of dessert. If it is really, really good, make sure I get some of it. Please go to our website and make a copy of the COVID form and bring it to the race. This is for you and anyone who may be with you. There is no cost for staying at the camp. Please don’t block anybody in when you park. It will be very, very crowded on Saturday.

Until the next email and finding out what your race numbers are and what wave you’re in, adios.

In Christ,
David Horton

P.S. 1 I like chocolate chip cookies.
P.S. 2 I also like cheesecake.
P.S. 3 Isa likes healthy food and Blaze pizza. And she will be at the race Friday and Saturday. And she is the RC.